Mom Gives Birth To 3 Girls Exactly 3 Years Apart, Making Birthdays A Family Affair

There is dumb luck, odd chance, and pure coincidence, but one family seems to have experienced it all over the course of three years.

Mom, Kristen Lammert, couldn’t help but feel like the stars were aligning perfectly for her family by the time she had her third child.

Three Daughters, Three Years Apart, On The Exact Same Day

Kristen Lammert is a proud mom to three daughters. Some people would think that ending up with three girls is a coincidence in itself.

Family poses in Pumpkin patch stage
Photo Credit: Kristen Lammert / Facebook
Photo Credit: Kristen Lammert / Facebook

Not only did she give birth to three girls, but they were also born on the exact same day, exactly three years apart from one another.