Mom On TikTok Outrages Followers By Claiming She Has A Favorite Child

If you grew up with siblings, you know that competing for your parent’s attention is a real thing. But if you’re lucky, you always know that your parents love each and every one of you, and you’re never guessing if your parents have a favorite. It’s like an unwritten rule, an unmentionable. No parent is supposed to have a favorite.

There Is A Trend Going On Around TikTok

a phone on a table with the tik tok app open
Photo Credit: Unsplash / hello I’m Nik
Photo Credit: Unsplash / hello I’m Nik

The trend is telling your viewers something without really telling them something. It started with the theme of “tell me you’re rich without actually telling me you’re rich.”

It obviously took off, because who doesn’t want to see how the better half lives?