Mom Reunites With Quadruplets After Crazy Weather Keeps Them Apart For A Week

In February 2021, hundreds of thousands of residents in Texas were affected by the brutal winter storms that froze over the normally warm state. Among these residents were Austin-based couple Bill and Starlyn Cafferata.

The couple thought that they would be able to weather the storm, but it turned out to be more than they (and everyone else) expected.

No One Was Prepared For The Texas Storm

man walking in blizzard pulling shovel
Photo Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

While they live in Austin now, Bill and Starlyn both grew up in New Jersey, so when they heard a storm was heading for Texas, they weren’t worried.

The couple was confident that the storm wouldn’t hold up their lives in any way—and they never expected it to prevent them from seeing their children.