Mom Says She Stops Parenting After 7:30, And Gets Called ‘Selfish’

Being a mom is undeniably a full-time job. While all other jobs get to end at 5 p.m. or get a day off, is it truly unfair to need the same kind of downtime as a mom? After all, they’re just human beings who can also burn out. Moms need to recharge to be able to continue to do their jobs well. For this mom of four, that means that parenting stops after 7:30 every night.

Meet Instagram Influencer And Parenting Blogger, Constance Hall

She is not a regular mom, she is a cool mom. Although she started out as just a mommy blogger, the mother of five published her own book. It’s a heartfelt rant about shaming that aligns with her controversial yet empowering advice for mothers.

She has earned a spot as cast on Dancing With The Stars and has her own clothing line for her fans who she calls her Queens.