Mom Shares The Harsh Realities Of Breastfeeding With A Raw Hospital Selfie

While many mothers expect to have their breastfeed their newborn babies, many expect that it will simply come naturally to them after birth. Some, like Remi, learn the hard way that it’s neither easy nor does it come naturally.

Remi wishes that she was taught more about the risks, complications, and options for feeding so she could’ve avoided her painful journey. Instead, she shares her story in the hopes of being the one to teach other new mothers.

Breastfeeding Wasn’t Natural Or Easy For Her

There is some kind of expectation that all new mothers will simply know how to breastfeed their newborns, and do it naturally.

However, for this mom, she felt like she should raise awareness that this is not always the case. Breastfeeding didn’t come easily for her, and the milk took five days to come in (something she didn’t even know could happen till then).