Mom Shares How Neighbor Rushed To Save Her 13YO Daughter Who Was Being Followed

The streets feel unsafe as it is for our kids. While we hope that our kids would spend more time outside playing together and getting fresh air instead of always being on their tablets, it’s not that simple. This is especially important for young girls who don’t fully understand yet what it means to have to deal with these kinds of dangers.

This 13-year-old learned the hard way.

A Mom Shared Her Story On Twitter

A mom felt like she had to let the world know what had just happened to her daughter to raise awareness.

A man followed my 13-year-old daughter this morning on her way to school.
Photo Credit: Snellk / Twitter
Photo Credit: Snellk / Twitter

She starts the story by explaining that her 13-year-old daughter was being followed by a man on her way to school.