Mom With Fourth Child Calls Out Shamers Who Criticize Big Families

The family unit has taken many shapes and forms since the days where the nuclear family was the only option. Today, it seems like we have the choice of who we have children with and if we want to have children at all. While on the surface level that’s true, it doesn’t mean that certain choices aren’t still judged.

People will always have an opinion, but when it came to pregnancy shamers, this mother of four wasn’t going to let their criticism affect her choices.

Four Under Four

Meet Anna Strode, the self-made mommy blogger of four children who are all under four years old. Her socials reflect her love for fitness, health, and, of course, her children.

She has built her platform to speak on motherhood, start her own activewear line for breastfeeding and pregnant moms, as well as to share pregnancy and postpartum workout videos.