No Father Can Resist Pie This 4th Of July When A Dad Joke Is Involved!

Is there any better dessert after a 4th of July barbeque than a warm apple pie? Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this American classic is always best when homemade. And with this dad-tastic apron, now every father can bake his “pi” with a grin on his face. Even if his kids are groaning in the background.

A Sure Way To Get A Good Laugh

pi apron
I Love Science Store/
I Love Science Store/

To make sure you let guests know that dessert will be served after your 4th of July BBQ, entice them with the smell of the cooling pie from the window sill.

Then, when it’s time to serve up the goodness, put your apron on and get all the dads in your backyard slapping their knees from laughter.