Parents Are Sharing The Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Told Them

A woman named Melisa took to Twitter to share a particularly creepy moment that she had with her grandson. Her grandson, who was five years old at the time, asked her why the man in the hallway was watching them. She lived alone.

Well, that scared the absolute bejeebers out of her, so she had to see if any other parents or grandparents experienced similar moments with their kids. It turns out that kids being creepy is sort of a common occurrence. Read on to see some of the craziest replies Melisa got.

Hi Aunt Peg

Well, I would be absolutely terrified if my kid was able to see a dead relative before the rest of the family even knew that they were dead.

Do all kids have a sixth sense?

Speaking The Truth

How is it that this kid knows all the details of her mom’s childhood? She must be a time traveler or something. That’s the only explanation.

Or she is her grandmother reincarnated.

A Visit From A Ghost

I mean, it’s entirely possible that this kid just heard other people talking about baby Lisa.

But it’s also possible that she is visited by her cousin’s ghost on a regular basis.

The Before World

There’s a lot of talk about what happens after we die, but I feel like not enough people talk about where we were before we got here.

This kid is making some sense.

Saying Goodbye

This person swears that she heard her grandfather say goodbye to her before he passed even though his actual body was miles away.

How does that make any sense at all?

The Man In Uniform

Do you think there really are ghostly soldiers wandering around Gettysburg that only children can hear?

Because that’s definitely what’s going on here. There’s no other logical or reasonable explanation.

Granddad’s Rules

Even though this kid never met her grandfather, she still seems to know exactly what he would say in a given moment.

I do believe that he’s communicating with her in some way.

A Premonition

How is it possible that this kid knew that his uncle was dead before anybody else knew?

Do kids have a sense for death or was this kid just gifted with psychic abilities?

I Was Alive Before

Okay, now I have chills all over my body.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Because it seems like this kid used to be another kid who died after hitting her head on a rock at the beach.

A Real Town

If your kid randomly told you that he lived a past life as a farmer in Wisconsin, would you believe him?

Would you believe him if he named a very specific town?

Talking To The Dead

From all of the posts we’ve read so far, it does seem like kids really can talk to the dead.

Of course, this is all anecdotal evidence on Twitter so it may or may not be true…

A Past Life Memory

Okay, this one sounds a little suspicious.

I don’t know if I entirely believe the person who made this post, although, is it any more unbelievable than everything else we’ve read so far?

Grampy’s Favorite

How could this kid possibly know that lemon meringue pie was his grandfather’s favorite kind of pie unless the ghost of his grandfather told him?

I feel like there’s some kind of otherworldly communication going on here.

A Ghostly Little Boy

Okay, this may be the most frightening one so far. This isn’t a friendly family member who is looking out for their relatives from the great beyond.

This is a literal ghost child.

A Talk With Grandma

Either this kid has a very active imagination or he can talk to his dead grandmother because he’s a kid.

I’ll let you choose what you want to believe on this one.

Her Other Mother

Do you think this kid had a past life where she had another mother and another family?

I mean, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I wouldn’t count it out.

A Lifetime Ago

This kid said that he lived a whole life where he was a man named Gerald who had a brother named Cole.

This story seems way too elaborate for it not to be true.

A Boy In A Past Life

There’s something about a kid stating something that seems supernatural so matter of factly that just sends shivers down my spine.

I wonder if she actually was a boy in a past life.

The Smell Of Cigarettes

Sometimes you don’t have to be a kid to experience these moments of connection with those who have passed.

This person recalls smelling her grandmother’s cigarettes while she was in her grandmother’s special spot.

Watching From Above

This little girl seems to have had a rich past life before she joined us earthside.

I hope she did get to meet her brother. I feel like that would bring her parents a lot of comfort.

To The Other Side

This is a terribly sad story, but it’s nice to know that this kid found some sense of peace.

He knew he just had to go somewhere else for a while.

An Empty Bed

If this story doesn’t make you believe in ghosts (or something resembling ghosts) I don’t know what will.

Maybe this kid is just really in touch with people from the past.

An Imaginary Friend

What are the chances of this kid having an imaginary friend who has the same name as a person who died in his home?

I guess Eddie is sort of a common name, but still…

When I Lived Before

These are really strange words to hear coming out of the mouth of a four-year-old.

What kind of four-year-old uses the phrase, “a lovely lady?” He seems wise beyond his years.

A Special Cologne

There’s something about a smell that can instantly take you back to a particular place in time.

It seems like this baby is carrying on his grandfather’s legacy in a very tangible way.

A Friend Named Bump

First of all, Bump is a particularly creepy name. It reminds me of things that go bump in the night.

Also, why does Bump watch people while they shower? That’s not right.

Joy In Her Voice

How do kids know when the adults around them are pregnant?

It’s almost like they have a sense for it because they were in the womb not that long ago.

Was I Your Mom?

This is such a great way to think of a parent-child relationship. The love that you shared with your own parent doesn’t really go anywhere when they die.

It just gets carried forward.

A Fire In The Barn

I think it’s totally possible that this kid lived a whole other life where he was a farmer who saved his family from a barn fire.

He broke his leg and died and then was reincarnated as a new child.

Mr. Lee And Mr. Woo

I can’t tell if this child just knows that Lee and Woo are common Chinese last names or if she is actually having conversations with ghosts in her closet.

Both are equally plausible.

Is This Little Hannibal Talking?

We don’t even want to know what prompted this kid to start talking about how people taste when you eat them, let alone the fact that their fear somehow makes them taste better.

kids says
Photo Credit: kambesys / Twitter
Photo Credit: kambesys / Twitter

We don’t blame this person for leaving the amusement park, because we would’ve left, too.

Poor Kitty Cat

It’s creepy enough to hear a little kid talking about his pet’s neck-snapping, but adding a smile to that?

kid says the cat's neck snapped while smiling sweetly
Photo Credit: RegulatoryHell / Twitter
Photo Credit: RegulatoryHell / Twitter

Yikes. Someone might want to warn the parents about the possibility that they’re raising a little psychopath. If we were that neighbor, we’d stay far away.

Run, Mom, RUN!

Yeah, we’re pretty sure that if our kid saw a man in the cemetery that we couldn’t see, that we’d be taking off — with or without the kid.

kids says man who invisible to mom is waving at them and coming over to talk
Photo Credit: karnythia / Twitter
Photo Credit: karnythia / Twitter

This just screams Sixth Sense.

What The What?

Maybe parenthood isn’t so grand after all, especially when you have a kid/demon who claims they can smell your fear. That takes creepy to a whole new level.

kid writes 'I can smell fear
Photo Credit: beauty_jackson / Twitter
Photo Credit: beauty_jackson / Twitter

It sounds like it’s time for this parent to call a priest and see if exorcisms are still offered.

What’s He Trying To Say?

This is straight up creepy — why is a three-year-old worrying about his parents poisoning him?

3 year old kid asks
Photo Credit: xayide / Twitter
Photo Credit: xayide / Twitter

We’re not sure whether it’s eery more on the kid’s part or the parent’s part.

Good To Know

We wonder how hard it was for this mom to refrain from saying, “Well if I do, you’re going down with me.”

kid tells mom she's gonna die tomorrow
Photo Credit: ms_che_ayyee / Twitter
Photo Credit: ms_che_ayyee / Twitter

Okay, maybe that’s not what a good parent says, but it’d be tempting after that creepy comment.

How About You Don’t?

This one starts out so cute and ends in a manner that would give us nightmares.

kid tells dad he's gonna eat him up and cut him into little pieces
Photo Credit: KevinMkruse / Twitter
Photo Credit: KevinMkruse / Twitter

To make matters worse, this kid is straight up old enough to know that telling someone he’s going to cut them into little pieces isn’t right. That dad better lock the bedroom door at night.

Uh, No, It Doesn’t

You wouldn’t think that you could leave a funeral director/mortician shaken up, but that’s just what this four-year-old kid did.

kid asks funeral director if its get loud there working with all those ghosts
Photo Credit: wapshkankwet / Twitter
Photo Credit: wapshkankwet / Twitter

We’re betting that every noise this guy hears will freak him out from now on

Go Towards The Light

And that is how you prevent your grandma from taking what is likely a well-deserved nap — insinuate that she’s gonna die. We’re betting this poor woman was so creeped out that she didn’t even bother going to sleep that night, either.

kid tells mom she'll see jesus soon when she went for a nap upstairs
Photo Credit: greendoondoon / Twitter
Photo Credit: greendoondoon / Twitter

Aren’t kids the best?

At Least Someone Is Reading To Her

All of the experts stress how important it is to read to kids, but we’re pretty sure even they would draw the line at ghosts reading to kids.

kid said dead grandma was reading to her
Photo Credit: MichelleBYoung1 / Twitter
Photo Credit: MichelleBYoung1 / Twitter

Really, though, as creepy as this is, it’s still kind of sweet in its own way. That must have been some book though!