This Plantable Mother’s Day Card Is The Gift That Keeps On Growing

If you have a mom who has a bit of a green thumb, flowers are a staple of any Mother’s Day. That means grabbing a couple of flowers to hand over to your mom and watching after a couple of days as they wilt and wither away.

Instead, you should grab this Mother’s Day card that she can plant right after reading and add to her garden! Now she’ll have a memory that will last longer than a week.

First And Foremost, Make Sure To Get Your Mom A Gift

happy mothers day card with seeds
Photo Credit: Etsy / SeedyCards
Photo Credit: Etsy / SeedyCards

If Mother’s Day snuck up on you, you’re not alone. Luckily, this Happy Mother’s Day card turns into some beautiful flowers, so you can cover all your basis and give your mom a gift that will last more than a week.