Redditor Shares Unpopular Opinion About Being A Single Dad, But It’s Not As Unpopular As He Expected

Being a single parent adds extra complications to raising children, especially after a messy divorce. It’s hard enough for parents to adjust to being alone, and when the responsibilities of both parents are left to a single one, it can feel completely overwhelming.

The plight of single mothers has been well documented because of the proportionately higher amount of women who end up raising families alone. The challenges faced by single fathers are far less discussed in popular media and social conversations.

Divorce Affects Every Family Differently

Dad and daughter washing hands at kitchen sink, silver stainless steel tap.
Photo Credit: CDC / Unsplash
Photo Credit: CDC / Unsplash

Every family separation is different. In the aftermath of a divorce, finding the right balance of where children will spend the majority of their time does not look the same for everyone.

Some parents end up with full custody and responsibility for their children, with limited or no contact with the other parent. In different cases, parents end up splitting custody of the children in a way that accommodates the family.