Remember “Little Hercules?” See What Happened To Him And How His Life Has Changed

Richard Sandrak, known as “Little Hercules,” caught the public’s attention for having the strongest and most sculpted body of any 8-year-old on the planet. His rigorous workout routine and dedication helped him achieve the physique many professional bodybuilders never will. As impressive as it was, Richard’s body and lifestyle began to raise questions about his health and whether he was being forced into the sport. See the controversial life of Richard Sandrak and where he is today, after his unusual childhood as a bodybuilder.

He Started Lifting Weights At Age Two

On April 15, 1992, Richard Sandrak was born in Ukraine to martial arts world champion Pavel Sandrak and aerobics competitor Lena Sandrak. In 1994, his parents moved the family to Pennsylvania in hopes of having a better opportunity for their son.


It was here, at the age of two that his father introduced him to light weight training. It was soon clear that Richard wasn’t just good at it but also had a promising future as a bodybuilder.