Ryan Reynolds Helps Return A Stolen Teddy Bear, And Grab Your Tissues

If one of your parents, just before they passed away, gave you a gift that contained an audio message recording, what would you do if it got stolen?

That’s what took place for one woman making a move from Toronto to Vancouver, when someone stole an important bag as she loaded her U-Haul. A thief stole a teddy bear that held a message her mom left before she died of cancer. That was enough to get a lot of people involved, including Ryan Reynolds.

A Mother’s Final Words

Photo Credit: @alohaaamara / Instagram
Photo Credit: @alohaaamara / Instagram

This is Marilyn Soriano, the mother of Mara Soriano. While battling for her life, she made sure to give her daughter one last gift that she could take with her wherever she ventured in life.