Single Dad Was Healing From Losing His Wife Before Uncovering A Lost Email

For Chris Martin, life had worked out exactly as planned. He met a woman named Renee, fell in love, and began to build a life with his new wife. Chris got everything he’d dreamed of in life until one day, tragedy turned it all upside down.

The loss of a loved one is never easy and the healing process has no set timeline. That process was made even more difficult when Chris discovered a lost email that reopened all his wounds. Read on to see what secret Renee was keeping from her husband the entire time.

There Wasn’t A Spark When The Pair First Met

Chris Martin/Facebook
Chris Martin/Facebook

Chris Martin was in his twenties when he first met Renee. The Melbourne, Australia native was single at the time and looking to put himself out into the dating game. One of his good friends introduced him to a cousin named Renee. Unfortunately, they didn’t hit it off.

Chris went on to see other people as he navigated the world of dating. Getting married and starting a family was likely the least of his concerns—after all, he had to find a lady first. It would take revisiting the past for Chris to get to his future.