Son Calls Out His Mom For Only Giving Stimulus Money To Her Daughter

It’s not always easy to explain to our children the reasoning behind some of our decisions. While parents try to make all their children feel like they’re being treated equally, sometimes the decisions that don’t apply to all of them can come off seeming unfair.

This mom’s son couldn’t understand why she’d decide to give her stimulus money to her daughter only. She felt like she had her reasons…

This Is What Happened

$100 stimulus on phone
Photo Credit: Tech Daily / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Tech Daily / Unsplash

A mom received her stimulus money, which she says was only for her 21-year-old daughter and herself. Although she and her husband shared equal custody of their son too, it was his dad that claimed him so that they each had a dependent to claim.

Each parent was free to do what they wanted with the money they got back.