Teacher Sends Note Home To First-Grade Class Saying They Can’t Eat If They Don’t Bring Food To Potluck

It’s the Christmas season, so you’d think that that would put people in the giving mood. But sadly, one Mississippi teacher hasn’t seen A Christmas Carol enough times to grasp the true meaning of the holidays.

In preparation for their first-grade classroom’s holiday party, a Meridian Public School District teacher sent a particularly nasty note home with each child detailing what they believed was and wasn’t acceptable holiday behavior. And it included a very Scrooge statement that left parents and people alike shocked.

“If They Don’t Bring Anything, They Don’t Eat”

chips etc on the note
Photo Credit: Takaria Scott / Facebook
Photo Credit: Takaria Scott / Facebook

When Takaria Scott opened her son’s letter from his teacher outlining what they wanted to have happen for the classroom holiday potluck, she didn’t expect to be met with a nasty letter. Her son’s teacher took a hard stance and said that “my philosophy is: if they don’t bring something, they don’t eat anything” and left a space for the parents to write what their child was bringing.

Takaria was shocked and upset and posted the note with the caption: “Now for these kids to be between 6-7yrs this should not be a philosophy. Kids are kids man. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes.” Preach, Takaria.