These Photos Might Seem Strange, But We Promise They All Have Very Good Explanations

Sometimes you come across an object or an animal in the wild and you think, “that can’t be right.” The photos on this list might evoke a similar reaction, however, we promise that there is a natural explanation for each and every weird occurrence. We pinky swear that there aren’t any supernatural forces at work here.

Keep reading to see some photos that might just spark your imagination. If you learn something while you’re imagining, well, then that’s just a bonus.

A Ball Of Bricks

This hunk of bricks and mortar was once a lot more angular, but after spending some time at sea, the waves really rounded it out.

rounded bricks
Photo Credit: TheCorpseOfMarx / Reddit
Photo Credit: TheCorpseOfMarx / Reddit

Now it looks like a ball of bricks.