Things We Did As Children That Are ‘Too Dangerous’ For Kids Today

Imagine being 10 again, you find a tire, crouch inside and get your friend to roll you down the hill. It’s no shock that kids today will likely never know the invincible feeling you tested as a child. Somewhere along the lines, these dangerous activities no longer became okay.

People were using the hashtag #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow to send Twitter down memory lane as they shared the things they did as kids that are considered ‘too dangerous’ today. Here are some of the craziest things users shared. Get ready to feel nostalgic. Oh, and kids, do not try these at home.

I Believe I Can Fly

Child Running in Forest with Red Cape
Twitter/@JonBogdanove / Photo Credit:CreativeCommons/theothernate
Twitter/@JonBogdanove / Photo Credit:CreativeCommons/theothernate

Who is your favorite superhero? Batman? Superman? Well, who says you couldn’t just be one yourself? Plus, every kid knows that to be a superhero you obviously have to learn how to fly, so you better get on it. Step one, find a cape. A towel will do, we can work on the costume later. Step two, start practicing.

Maybe start with low surfaces like a small stool before transitioning to the roof. Also, it is highly recommended to only go to higher surfaces after successfully flying off the lower ones. This guy had to learn the hard way.