This Mom Knit A Life-Sized Replacement Son When He Got Too Cool For Hugs

When we get older, we all will hit that stage when we think that we are way too cool to be affectionate with our parents. Giving our mom a hug when we are 14 years old might as well be the end of the world, right?

Well, at the time, we don’t really stop to think about how that might make our parents feel. Yes, eventually we see the error in our ways, but until ten we just leave our parents with no love?!

This Mom Really Missed Hugging Her Son

woman hugging a life size knitted son
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mariekevoorsluijs
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mariekevoorsluijs

Marieke Voorsluijs really missed cuddling her adolescent son, so she decided to do something about it. She thought that she needed a replacement, so she took matters into her own hands and knitted a whole, life-sized replica of him.