TikTok Mom Teaches Consent To Toddler And The Grandparents Are Not On Board

An Australian mom has sparked a large debate online about the proper way to educate children on consent and body autonomy. Some people have criticized her “woke” approach for being too complex for her toddler to fully understand.

TikTok user @brittanybaxter_x shared her frustration with her daughter’s grandparents not respecting the boundaries they have set and the video quickly gained attention online.

She Had To Turn The Comments Section Off On Her Video

Screenshot from TikTok of woman in white t-shirt with blonde hair. Black text overlay.
Photo Credit: @brittanybaxter_x / TikTok
Photo Credit: @brittanybaxter_x / TikTok

In her original TikTok video on the subject, Brittany says she believes it should be normalized for children not to have to hug and kiss adults if they don’t want to.

A lot of users were so offended by the idea that Brittany had to disable her comments section to stop the horrible insults being sent to her.