Times People Felt The Need To Judge A Mother’s Parenting Decision

No matter how well-behaved your child is, parenting is a tough job. From pregnancy to parenting newborns, onto the terrible twos, and into the teenage years, you’re going to have a lot on your plate as a parent.

What mothers don’t need to be dealing with in the midst of trying to raise a functioning human being is getting judged by other parents. Even if you’re coming from a well-intentioned place, offer your support instead of your judgments and acknowledge that everyone is trying their best.

So Now We’re Anti-Cleaning

clean room is a bad thing
Photo Credit: Unsplash & Reddit / beaceebee
Photo Credit: Unsplash & Reddit / beaceebee

You forced your husband to spend his Saturday morning frantically dusting the ceiling because you wanted it to look nice for your parents who were coming to visit, but somehow that’s a bad thing? Good to know.