Woman Shares Why Moms Always Finish Eating Last After Seeing A Husband Leave His Wife In A Restaurant

My grandma used always be the last person to finish eating, and we used to tease her about it endlessly. Now that I’m grown up, I look back and see that it was because she was trying to make sure that my sisters and I had what we needed and that my dad, even as an adult, was getting what he needed.

The emotional and mental burden of being a mother is endless and always shows itself in mundane ways.

Christine Koh Shared A Story On Facebook About A Mom

Facebook post: Today I saw a hubby questioning his wife angrily (in front of everyone in the foodcourt) because he couldn't understand why his wife was always so slow in eating. The reason for his anger and frustration was because he no longer could handle both a baby in a carrier and a wailing toddler. Though the wife did not reply her hubby, you can tell that there was sadness through her eyes. Eventually, the hubby stormed off with the 2 kids, leaving the wife sitting there quietly to eat her dinner.
Photo Credit: Facebook / Christine Koh
Photo Credit: Facebook / Christine Koh

She recounts how a mother was trying to eat her food, and her husband is asking her, “what is taking so long?”

Koh says that the children were becoming restless, and it was clear that the dad was having a hard time keeping them under control.