Woman Designs Awesome Pet-Friendly Office Chair To WFH With Dog

It’s no secret that people’s pets are their best buds. Pets are a never-ending source of entertainment but they can also offer some serious emotional support when you need it.

In the last year or so, pets have taken on the role of being a work from home desk mate. While pet owners appreciate the extra company, having a cat climb all over your desk or a small dog try and sit on your lap during a video call can be a pain.

This Cat Got Super Clingy When Its Owners Started To Work From Home…

This couple’s cat was so distracting while they were trying to work from home that they came up with a clever solution to distract him.

Cat in fake lap: multi colored brown, black and white cat sitting on fake legs (pants stuffed with cotton).
Photo Credit: bubobaby / Reddit
Photo Credit: bubobaby / Reddit

Using a pair of pants stuffed up with cotton, they created a decoy lap for the cat to use, and the happy cat seems none the wiser.