Woman Designs Awesome Pet-Friendly Office Chair To WFH With Dog

It’s no secret that people’s pets are their best buds. Pets are a never-ending source of entertainment but they can also offer some serious emotional support when you need it.

In the last year or so, pets have taken on the role of being a work from home desk mate. While pet owners appreciate the extra company, having a cat climb all over your desk or a small dog try and sit on your lap during a video call can be a pain.

This Cat Got Super Clingy When Its Owners Started To Work From Home…

This couple’s cat was so distracting while they were trying to work from home that they came up with a clever solution to distract him.

Cat in fake lap: multi colored brown, black and white cat sitting on fake legs (pants stuffed with cotton).
Photo Credit: bubobaby / Reddit
Photo Credit: bubobaby / Reddit

Using a pair of pants stuffed up with cotton, they created a decoy lap for the cat to use, and the happy cat seems none the wiser.

“I Can’t Send It Over Right Now, My Cat’s On My Scanner”

Staying focused while working from home is hard enough as it is, but when you add a meddling cat to the mix it can be even more difficult.

cat Cooling Off on desk
Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

A lot of cats have that “I refuse to be ignored” attitude and manage to position themselves in the most inconvenient places while you’re trying to work — like this cat, asleep on someones scanner.

Are Cats Evolving To Use Laptops?

People have been sharing the different methods they are using to distract their cats when they are interfering with laptop work.


He’s answering some very important emails ok #fyp #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – That bitch

According to multiple TikTok users, cats often mirror their owners’ behavior and that’s why they try to “type” on your keyboard. Apparently, if you give your cat their own laptop (real or fake) they should buzz off.

This Could Be The Worlds Clingiest 3 Legged Dog

A woman named Simone Giertz is responsible for the idea behind the pet friendly desk chair.

Simone Giertz sitting in terra-cotta colored upholstered chair with small white dog on lap eating bone
Photo Credit: @simonegiertz / Instagram
Photo Credit: @simonegiertz / Instagram

Simone is a natural born inventor who saw an opportunity to create a chair that was large enough to comfortably fit both her and her super needy (yet super adorable) three-legged pup named Scraps.

The Prototype Vs. The Finished Product

There’s no limit to what pet people would do for their fur babies, and buying a modified office chair is a great example of that.

Left: a 3D digital design of the small pet desk chair Right: a finished picture of the product after it is built
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz

Simone’s design allows you to work comfortably with your pet by your side in a chair that’s designed to fit both of you. Pictured on the left is her prototype and on the right the final product.

This Desk Chair Has Stairs For Your Pet

The innovative design has a small staircase that wraps around the back of the chair and allows for a small pet to climb up into a large, cushioned bed that also acts as your seat!

Woman with red hair and. ponytail sitting in teal chair she designed, stairs and entrance to nook visible.
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz

Additionally, there’s a nook for a pet to climb inside if they prefer an enclosed space. A footrest for the computer user, and a functional bar stool height.

This Woman Builds Her 3-Legged Dog A Bed-Chair Hybrid

Simone uploaded a super informative video on her YouTube channel that shows the process of her actually building the chair.

dog and woman on combo chair
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz

People loved the idea so much they began flooding her comments sections asking when and where they could purchase one for themselves.

When Your Desk Mate Has No Sense Of Personal Boundaries

Simone’s dog Scraps climbs up the small stairs and cozies himself into the cushion of the seat to show his approval.

Girl and dog sitting in large chair designed to accommodate working with small pets
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz
Photo Credit: YouTube / Simone Giertz

Simone is clearly excited about the ability to work closely and comfortably with her little pup and Scraps seems pretty pumped about it as well.

Your Small Pet Will Love The Companion Chair

Simone’s teaser video on her Instagram shows the chair from every angle in all its glory. There’s also some great footage of her little three legged dog bouncing around.

Thanks to Simone’s design, small pet owners may finally be able to find some relief from trying to share their office chairs with needy pets.