Woman Leaves Her Boyfriend Over Fragile Masculinity After He Won’t Buy Her Feminine Products

Living with a partner can be a learning experience especially when it comes to figuring out one another’s personal boundaries. One of the earliest “tests” in a relationship is often dealing with that uncomfortable time of the month for women. This woman’s story on Reddit has earned her over 31.2k upvotes from people who respect the response she had when her boyfriend refused to buy her pads from the drugstore.

This story starts out with a fairly simple interaction between a boyfriend and girlfriend that ultimately leads to the end of a two-year relationship.

Everybody Knows Someone Who Menstruates, So Why Is It Still So Embarrassing?

Feminine hygiene products on counter
Photo Credit: Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images

Most females know the struggle of getting their period unexpectedly. We’ve been conditioned to believe it’s embarrassing or shameful to accidentally get your period in public.

The reality is that menstruating is a natural part of being a woman and regardless of how far ahead you plan, sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda.