Woman Slams Men Who Say “I Never Want A Daughter” In Viral Video

Gender reveal parties have become a norm for expecting parents, and while some parents share in the joy of learning more about their baby-to-be, sometimes, these expecting parents aren’t as enthusiastic. There have even been videos about parents being upset learning the sex of their unborn baby.

TikTok user @emraynea has gained over 1 million followers on the app where she continues to make popular content for her followers. In one of her most viral videos, @emraynea uses her platform to call out boys and men for using the frequently commented phrase “I hope I never have a daughter.”

It’s Not An Uncommon Phrase

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Photo Credit: @emraynea / TikTok
Photo Credit: @emraynea / TikTok

Emma points out that the comment suggesting boys don’t want to grow up and have daughters is common on the app.

Usually, it is commented under a video of a girl dancing or wearing minimal clothing.