Women Are Sharing Pictures To Normalize C-Sections

Pregnancy is fairly high on the list of things that can play out unexpectedly in real life. Regardless of the planning and preparation that goes into a pregnancy, when a woman actually goes into labor, all bets are off and the priority is getting that little baby into the world as safely as possible.

No family has the same pregnancy experience, but many women have felt a universal shame over undergoing a cesarian section delivery. The reasons behind the controversy of c-sections are complicated and socially constructed, so some moms have taken it upon themselves to share their experiences in hopes of breaking down the stigmas and judgment.

Finding The Right Supports Can Be Challenging

One of the best parts about becoming a new parent is the community of other parents that you can relate to and gain support from.

Woman holding newborn's hand
Photo Credit: Aditya Romansa / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Aditya Romansa / Unsplash

Unfortunately, the darker side to this community is parent or mommy-shaming that can make a new parent feel humiliated and isolated. One topic that has been debated amongst new parents is the cesarian section delivery method.