These Terrible Wedding Proposals Had Better Have A Nice Ring To Them

Proposals are a big deal – they’re the beginning of a lifelong commitment and people put a lot of pressure on them to reflect the good times ahead. But not all proposals are created equally, and sometimes love gets wrapped up in a big ugly bow. Or a piece of notepaper taped to a beer can.

Not everyone enjoys the pomp and circumstance of a big proposal. While it’s encouraged you put a little effort into it, some take things a little far. The biggest surprise on this list is that some people said yes. Check out these awful ways people have popped the question.

Back It Up And Lock It Down

truck proposal spray paint
Photo Credit: @sammbreyz / Twitter

Aside from the actual visual here, it’s confusing how this actually worked. Did the proposer ask the proposee to get something out of the truck bed? Did they ask them to help them back into a spot? All valid questions, but the biggest one is why did they think this was a good idea?

Of course, they checked ‘no.’ This proposal needed a little more thought put in and a little more gas in the tank. I just hope that’s not permanent spray paint on the window.

The Obligatory Romantic

pregnant proposal tweet ambivalence
Photo Credit: @PinkSith / Twitter

What a nice sentiment. Clearly, this person knows exactly which boxes to check on their life’s journey and what order to do them in. If they sound ambivalent, it’s only the pre-proposal nerves speaking.

The #CandyHeartsRejects hashtag is the perfect label for this romance story because where this proposal belongs is in the dumpster behind a factory. It’s not that sweet — it’s stiff, chalky, and so stale that it deserves to be forgotten about in a bag in the bottom of your drawer.

The Love Inside

ring in body x ray
Photo Credit: @medicases / Twitter

This is not good. This is not good at all. The reason this happened is because someone put an engagement ring in a milkshake and their significant other unknowingly swallowed it. This should be number 1 on your list of ways not to propose because you should never be sending people to the hospital with your love.

The idea is sweet, but the execution leaves a little to be desired. They should’ve ordered a Bloody Mary and stuck the ring on top of the superfluous amount of food stacked on the straw. No proposal should come with a choking hazard.

This proposal ahead really capitalized on the bowel movement theme as well…

This Porta-Proposal

portapotty proposal will you marry me
Photo Credit: Gennieo / Reddit

This proposal definitely put someone Johnny-on-the-spot. I hope they felt the loo-ve. Maybe they were flushed with happiness. Okay, I’ll stop. This one is rock bottom, but hey, at least there’s colorful balloons.

We’re not getting the full story here. There has to be a reason why a regular ol’ sign wouldn’t suffice and instead, two porta-potties were grabbed. Maybe the proposee is the CEO of a porta-potty rental company? I really hope that’s the case because otherwise, this is a stinky start to any relationship.

I Wanted Mustard Actually

wedding dog hot dog ring
Photo Credit: readball / Reddit

This is offensive on so many levels. The first one being that they ordered a plain hotdog like a broke drunk college kid for dinner. The second one being that they cut the weiner to place the ring in but not the bun. That’s just going to fall apart when you start eating and cause a mess.

Whoever this was, I hope they bought their fiancé more than just hotdogs for their wedding. At least the diamonds shine a little brighter because they’re reflected against the hotdog grease.

You’re The Cold One For Me

beer can proposal
Photo Credit: @Apex2113 / Twitter

This worked. Congratulations to the happy couple because, by all standards, this proposal had abysmal odds of succeeding. Asking her to get him a beer and then having the audacity to waste valuable electrical tape on this endeavor? Just…offensive.

Hopefully, whatever brand beer this was offered to provide refreshments for their wedding. Or maybe not. This might not be the best marketing campaign to attach a brand name to. MinuteMaid and Kreuger might even give this lady a call to blur out their names on the juice cartons in the fridge.

Don’t Let Love Pass You By. Or Drive

jackie roadside sign proposal yes
Photo Credit: eyedontnowutimdoing / Reddit

Jackie, how did you read this? Whoever proposed wrote this in a washable red marker at the side of a highway and then let it bake in the sun. Another question – why did the proposer sign it? Were they going to hope Jackie drives by, reads her name, comes back to write her answer, and then tell them in person?

This is just too much on every front. They definitely tried because it took effort to procure at least one red and maybe a green marker, but the rest of it is a mess.

You Gone Marry Me Or Nah?

pad proposal marry me or nah
Photo Credit: DeadliestWookie / Reddit

This does not make sense. This is awful. This is on a diaper written in permanent marker quoting a Vine and this is not okay. Who would do this to someone and who would say yes? Actually, I don’t want to know.

This happened on a birthday too. I’m confused about how this went down. Did the fiancé just say ‘happy birthday’ and hand her a diaper? In what universe is this okay? I hope this diaper was used after because that’s about as much as this proposal is worth.

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The Produce Proposal

People are shopping fresh vegetables in a shopping market.
Photo Credit: Zhang Peng / LightRocket / Getty Images

Reddit user craziekitty said the craziest proposal they’d ever heard of was their parents’. They said, ‘they were in the produce section of a grocery store when my dad says ‘all of our friends are getting married so we should too.’ My mom thought he was joking, just said ‘yea’ and moved on with shopping.’

Later on, ‘she goes to him and asks if it was a serious question. He responds with ‘well yea I thought we were engaged now.’ 34 years later and they’re still married.’ That’s meaning what you say.

I Want Chew Forever

tobacco chew proposal rings
Photo Credit: @halosfan27 / Twitter

You’re at the corner store picking up your chewing tobacco and you see they’re offering a two-fer deal on engagement rings too – who in their right mind would say no to such a good deal?

Let’s face it, this one isn’t that bad if your fiance knows what you like. If they know your favorite brand then how can you possibly deny them? This is another one where you hope the product they showcase the proposal in isn’t conditional on whether they say yes or not.

Ding Dong Proposal’s Here

pizza proposal pineapple pepperoni
Photo Credit: AmbitiousAnteater / Reddit

So was this the pizza guy or someone eating the pizza? I could see this going horribly wrong for some strange reason. It may be because the proposer is ambiguous, the fact it’s written in permanent marker on cardboard, or there’s what looks like pineapple on a meat lovers.

I hope the pizza wasn’t a conditional offer. A person would have to be some sort of madman to propose on a pizza then deny their significant other the opportunity to eat the pizza if they said no. Like they say, waste not, want not.

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This Grandma Who Wouldn’t Let It Be Bad

proposal reddit grandma
Photo Credit: TheShoeOnTheHighway / Reddit

If you want something in life, you have to ask for it, and this Grandma knows the value of asking for what she wants. In this case, it’s a proper proposal gosh darn it, and she better get it. This is a true cool Grandma.

I love the noncommital ‘if you want it’ from the Grandfather. What a cool way to vocalize your desires without imposing them on other people. The only pointer is that he should’ve opened the car door, got the ring, and stood up while being his considerate self.

This Parking Lot Raincheck

Photo Credit: Sergei Bobylev / TASS / Getty Images

Reddit user AllergictoCake says that the weirdest proposal they’d heard of happened to their 6th-grade teacher when ‘a kid found a ring in the parking lot and proposed to her.’

Kudos to this kid for seeing the signs that the universe was presenting him and taking action to fulfill his fate. Unfortunately, he’s a few years too early and a few dollars short of affording something a little better than a parking-lot ring. Hopefully, whoever’s ring it was got it back before someone else proposed with it.

The ‘Are You Paying Attention To Me?’

mcdonalds proposal tweet
Photo Credit: @ErnestScribbler / Twitter

Sometimes these things just don’t come at the right time. You can be tied up at the airport, in the middle of a business call, or down an Instagram rabbit hole while waiting for your McDouble. Not even a siren can break you out of your concentration in these moments, so naturally, this proposal was doomed from the start.

I wonder if he repeated himself because she said no or because she didn’t hear him. Either way, I hope they got their meals and he decided to try again in a classier location than a McDonald’s. Maybe a Wendy’s for example.

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This Kid Who Had To Go Now

kid proposal ruins couple
Photo Credit: Kevin Przytula / YouTube

When you gotta go, you gotta go. There’s a proposal going on? Who cares, when nature calls, the rest of the world falls away and you have to look out for number 1. Or number two.

Kudos to these two for not letting the antics of the kid interrupt their moment. There’s true love in both of their eyes that doesn’t stop for anything. I just hope the photographer cropped out the kid in the final cut, or the soon-to-be groom moved his foot a little to the left.

Coke Doesn’t Want You To Get Engaged

coke bottle marry me
Photo Credit: @NebulousNikki / Twitter

This might be the most niche corporate marketing strategy, and the most niche group of people for who this proposal would work for. The higher-ups at Coke would appreciate the sentiment immensely I’m sure. But everyone else?

We can’t tell from the photo how many bottles are left on the shelf, but I hope all of the stock is there. It would be an awful proposal idea, but also an awful coincidence if you stumble to the convenience store at 3 am to blindly pick up some Coke and you accidentally propose to your roommate.

This Disney Rule

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Soar Above Cinderella Castle At Walt Disney World Resort
Photo Credit: Mariah Wild / Disney Parks / Getty Images

Disney parks are no stranger to proposals. We’ve all seen those pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle with the happy couple and the sunset in the background. They’re cute, they’re fun, and they’re memorable. But it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Reddit user Lovelyladykaty spills that when she used to work at Disney, ‘we heard second hand about a few people that proposed and were told no in various locations. Character performers were explicitly forbidden from being part of proposals in case it went negative.’ Guess it went bad often enough that Mickey had to make a rule.

Babe, Can You Grab My Socks?

sock drawer multicolored socks
Photo Credit: @heaz.rhymes.with.pez / Instagram

Reddit user Exaggeration17A recounts the story of how one of his friend’s husband proposed to her. He says the husband ‘asks her, ‘hey, can you get my phone from the bedroom?’ A minute passes. ‘Hey, can you get me a glass of water?’ Another minute passes. ‘Hey, can you bring me that pair of socks on top of my dresser?’

‘The ring is in the socks. He proposes. He actually thought he was being romantic.’ This might not be a proposal fail because they’ve been married over 10 years. I’m sure they make a great pair.

You’re The Bella To My Edward

Photo Credit: Frederic Lafargue / AFP / Getty Images

Reddit user FetchingOliver recalls when they went to the Twilight New Moon opening night and a guy was up front proposing to his girlfriend. They said he gave ‘a speech about how she was his lamb and he was a lion, a la the first Twilight cringe Edward speech to Bella. She said yes and they then proceeded to sit down and watch that mess of a movie.’

This one is great for a Twilight sueprfan couple, but awful for everyone watching. This screams more Twilight Zone than Twilight New Moon, but whatever, congratulations to the happily bonded vampires.

The Distractor

proposal reddit drinking
Photo Credit: CaffineAndCardio / Reddit

This guy just invented a new way to dodge uncomfortable questions – just propose. It’s a sound plan of attack if you want to live without dealing with your problems, though, you might run out of money for rings if you use this strategy too often.

I wonder if this worked or if it was a ‘maybe later’ type thing? Whatever the case, I’m glad he got some help. They tried to make him go to rehab and he said, ‘will you marry me?’