Amazon Now Sells A Special Cereal Bowl So Picky Eaters Can Continue To Ruin Your Life

Don’t we all love when we work hard to prepare a meal for our kids and they insist they can’t eat it because the potatoes are touching the beans? How about when the cereal is “too soggy” so they won’t touch it even though they were the ones that poured it? I don’t know about you, but that just brings a smile to my face and an involuntary twitch to my eye.

Amazon has gratefully provided us with a special bowl made by Obol that separates your food perfectly so they don’t, God forbid, touch each other. Will it make your kids eat? Yeah. Is it going to create a few monsters in its wake? Yeah, undoubtedly.

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The Beautiful Enabler

cereal being poured into bowl
Photo Credit: Obol / Amazon
Photo Credit: Obol / Amazon

If you’re spending long days trying to figure out how you can get your kids to actually eat something nutritious that won’t require you to buy a feeding tube, then this product is here to enable the issue—I mean to solve them.

The unique design of this bowl makes it so your child can choose when they are emotionally ready to introduce their cereal to the milk and how much of it at a time they want. I know, it’s a big moment. There won’t be any dreaded “soggy cereal” but breakfast will take an hour and a half.