Dad Leaves For 10 Minutes And Toddler Devours 18 Yogurt Containers

They say that when you’re a parent you learn to grow eyes in the back of your head. Well, this UK dad might want to consider growing eyes in the back of the fridge because his toddler Olivia just proved you can’t leave even leave a kid alone for ten minutes.

When dad Araron Jeff Whitehall from Nottingham, England, decided to pull a bold move and literally just leave the room, his daughter Olivia decided to go in on some yogurt. Only 18 containers of it. Don’t ask me how—this is a toddler secret and the reason why they’re such fearsome creatures.

He Was Gone For Only Ten Minutes

What do you do in ten minutes? Go the bathroom maybe, send an email, drink a glass of water—nothing too wild or that will land you in a record book. Well, toddler logic apparently doesn’t care about having a regular day because it only took that short span of time for the 3-year-old Olivia to polish off 18 containers of yogurt.

kid with a bunch of yogurt containers in front
Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook
Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook

Dad Aaron went outside briefly since he thought that all would be fine since she’s, you know, 3 years old and strapped into a high chair. But apparently he forgot that toddlers are creatures of chaos, because Olivia somehow managed to open all 18 with her tiny human thumbs and just go to town.