Dad Leaves For 10 Minutes And Toddler Devours 18 Yogurt Containers

Whitehall’s Son Was The First To See The Yogurt Carnage

Since every crime has a witness and Olivia hasn’t learned yet that she’s got to keep them quiet by letting them in on the Yoplait spoils, her 6-year-old brother Oscar was the first to notice and tell dad. As any normal person would do when there’s more yogurt than toddler at the scene.

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Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook
Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook

Oscar went outside and told dad who came right in. Whitehall said that it’s not unusual for them to have that much yogurt in the house since his partner Billie Hardy buys the snacks for their kids and the ones she works with. Olivia probably just wanted to claim her stake in the prize.