Mom Convinces Kids To Lay Still To “Charge” Their Glow-In-The-Dark PJs

In a now-viral post on her Facebook page, mom-of-two Jessica D’Entremont shared her hack that she used to get her two girls to calm down before bedtime, and it’s genius.

Every parent likes to tell little white lies when it comes to getting their children to do what they want, and Jessica told the perfect lie to her two daughters Emma and Hannalore. Both the girls have sensory processing disorder and long days can often lead to meltdowns, but Jessica found a way to calm them down thanks to this trick.

The Little White Lie

Jessica shared this photo to her Facebook page, explaining how in a moment of need when she saw her kids were headed for a meltdown, she turned to glow-in-the-dark pajamas to help.

mom charging pjs
Photo Credit: Facebook / Jessica D’Entremont
Photo Credit: Facebook / Jessica D’Entremont

Jessica convinced her daughters that in order to “charge” the PJs they would have to lie perfectly still under the light, and it worked! Her girls charged up their pajamas, and it got them to relax before bedtime without any tears or meltdowns.