Underwear For Dads To Protect The Goods While The Kids Go Nuts

We are truly living in the future folks because science is out here innovating for us parents. What science has created is a piece of armor built to withstand even the toughest child heels to the groin while still letting you pretend that you’re not basically battle-ready at the park. Behold, the Fridaballs.

Fridaballs are basically your standard boxer briefs with a foam cup insert. They’re the product that you probably wish you were wearing about 30 seconds after the blow. We all know hindsight is 20/20, but apparently it’s also got a breathable foam insert and a child dangling from each arm.

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Designed For Balls-To-the-Wall Lineage Protection

boxer briefs with foam on the insdie
Photo Credit: Fridababy / Amazon.com
Photo Credit: Fridababy / Amazon.com

The last thing you need when you’re running around with your kids trying to be a good dad or whatever is a nagging fear that your lineage is going to end with one swift kick. All that flinching and ancestral melancholy really puts a damper on the afternoon.

Reclaim your sense of self and make Saturdays unclouded by your worry about protecting the family jewels by buying one of these. The underwear is designed with state of the art “heirloom conservation technology,” aka a foam cup insert so you can feel protected while playing with your kids. Well, as much as you can I guess.