Hilarious Wives Spill What It’s Really Like To Be Married

In movies and books, marriage is either depicted as being this wonderful, magical experience between a couple, or a dramatic, troubling story about how terribly hard everything is. In reality, there are a lot more mundane and dumb things that go on.

These wives tweeted the hilarious reality of what it means to be with their husbands.

It Will Help You Avoid Death

tweet: Pro-tip: If your wife says her clothes aren't fitting her because they shrunk in the dryer, you agree with her. Immediately.
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mommajessiec
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mommajessiec

If your wife’s clothes at any point in time stop fitting her, just agree that they probably shrunk in the wash. It does not matter if she’s owned them for years and has washed them hundreds of times.