Couple Starts Conversation Over Viral ‘Sleeping In Separate Beds’ Video

Marriage has it’s peaks and valleys, but it’s more so about figuring out how to navigate those murky waters. Meeting each other in the middle is important and is a healthy part of any relationship.

Once you accept that, things get easy. For Chrissy and Tom Clark, they found a sleeping situation that works for them, and sparked huge debate with others.

How It Started For Chrissy

Chrissy Clark is no different from anyone else. One year, she became really sick and developed a persistent cough.

Chrissy Clark on couch
Photo Credit: @tiktockchrissy / TikTok
Photo Credit: @tiktockchrissy / TikTok

“Because of my cough, one of us would end up sleeping on the couch or in the guest bedroom,” she said.