‘Modern Dads’ Need To Know These Skills According To A Survey Of Fathers


I have to start this post by clearly stating that I don’t believe most parenting skills are acquired by reading books and taking parenting advice at face value. Every child is different and their needs are fluid. With that being said, a study conducted in mid-2018 found some “essential skills” that “modern dads” should consider acquiring as they parent their children.

The study was commissioned by Braun and was released just in time for Father’s Day. The study focused on information and topics that modern dads should acquire if they don’t already possess the skills listed.

Before you start hyperventilating about CPR and diaper changing, the survey largely speaks to navigating social media and learning the lyrics to hit songs.

Researchers who were commissioned for the study said dads should know how to fix items around the house, including fixing bikes and updating computer and smartphone software.

“Must-Have” Skills

Do you know how to “night feed” your baby so they remain calm and fall back into a deep slumber? How about braiding your daughter’s hair? Those were several important topics that survey takers revealed to researchers.

Dads are also expected in the 21st century to know how to cook dinner, how to build flatpack furniture, and how to educate their children outside of the U.S. education system.

Survey takers also said dads should understand the importance of “the chat” with their children and learn how to navigate answering questions their child might have after “the chat” is underway.

Oh ya, don’t forget the importance of understanding how to set up a video game console for your kids.

In talking about the findings Braun’s Zbyszek Kalenik had this to say about modern child raising for dads: “Fatherhood today demands that dads get to grips with all manner of tasks and challenges, including those that were once the preserve of mum.”

When asked about the study in follow-up questions, a quarter of dads agreement with the requirements suggested but also noted that dads are now put under tougher conditions to raise their children than in the past.

1,200 fathers participated in the study and eight in 10 agreed that “modern dads” need more skills than they required to raise their children in the past. Among the biggest acquired skills were those that require a strong knowledge of technology.

Two-third of dads said the cost of living, toys, and hobbies were adding to their pressure and just over half said society has placed higher demands on father’s to be more pro-active in the raising of their children.

How Are These Challenges Helping Modern Dads?

Fifty-seven percent of dads said they spend more time with their children compared to the active involvement of their own father in their lives.

We don’t know what it means for their involvement but one-fifth of dads also said they were in the “cool” dad category with their kids.

An increasing number of women have moved into the workforce in recent decades so it’s not really surprising that dads continue to take on more responsibilities.

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