Husband Blames Wife For Embarrassing Him At ‘Guys Night’ After Claiming He Didn’t Need Help

If you’re inviting guests to your home, you usually want to clean up the house and make sure that you’re being a good host for everyone. Whether it’s a BBQ, a birthday party, or Thanksgiving dinner, the people who are hosting are the ones typically responsible for arranging everything that will be needed, and for cleaning up after everyone leaves.

One husband, however, decided that he was going to play host but didn’t want to deal with any of the other parts of the job.

Whose The Wrong One In This Situation?

One Reddit user wrote in the AITA community looking for some insight on a recent event that’s caused an issue between her and her husband.

Photo Credit: Reddit / jdjcjcjncncjkckck
Photo Credit: Reddit / jdjcjcjncncjkckck

The event? A “guys night” in the form of a BBQ.