Kid-Friendly Halloween Activities The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Halloween is a great time of year to do some unique and fun activities with your kids. The holiday can be overwhelming for some kids with scary movies and frightening costumes everywhere, but there are plenty of kid-friendly activities that even the youngest of kids can enjoy. Here are a few kid-friendly Halloween activities to enjoy with your family this season.

Going to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard is a great family activity for Halloween. Sure you could go to your local grocery store and grab a pumpkin or a bag of apples because it’s more convenient, but it’s much more fun to choose your own. It’s also a great place to take seasonal family photos. It can be a full day out with many orchards offering other activities such as corn mazes, baked goods, and tractor rides.

Once you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin, the obvious next step is to carve it! Getting your kids involved with scooping out the pumpkin seeds can be a bit messy but it’s a fun, hands-on activity. If you’ve got very little ones who are a bit too young to be using the pumpkin carving tools, you could always do paint instead! It’s a safer alternative that’s still a ton of fun.

Picking a Halloween costume is an obvious activity at this time of year but it can often be overwhelming for younger kids with all of the elaborate costumes out there. An easy and fun alternative is face painting. It’s a chance for you and your child to get creative and try something new.

With all the trick or treating being done, there’s lots of sugar being eaten this time of year, so what’s a few more sweet treats? Baking spooky treats is another great hands-on and creative way to spend time together as a family. It’s also a great way to use up all that Halloween candy. There are tons of creative recipes on the internet!