Six Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers play such a pivotal role in children’s lives. They help inspire greatness and also thankfully give us a break from our kids for 6 hours a day. World Teacher Day falls on October 5th, but it’s important to show thanks to the teachers who put up with our little terrors every day.

One way to show appreciation is to give them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. If you aren’t sure what their favorite places are a coffee chain is always a safe choice so they can get through their day of teaching with caffeine.

You could also give them a hand with simple tasks such as cleaning the classroom or helping to decorate it. This is especially helpful on busy days like Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

School supplies are obviously essential in a classroom, but some schools have a bigger budget for them than others. A great way to say thank you is to bring in extra supplies so the teacher doesn’t have to deal with 30 kids sharing the same 4 pairs of scissors. The same goes for donating books to the school library. It’ll help make sure the teacher doesn’t have to read the same stories over and over again.

If all else fails, a great way to say thank you to your kid’s teacher is with the love from their student. Have your child create a card or a gift for them. Nothing beats an old school macaroni necklace after all!